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Yoga Nidra Circles

Yoga nidra is a structured guided meditation, designed to send the brain into the state between waking and sleeping. It is said to be as beneficial to body and mind as 4 hours sleep, and promotes conscious awareness through following a specific set of stages, each one carefully curated to support wellness and nurture your nervous system.  


Join us for a monthly exploration of yoga nidra, moving through different stages of relaxation and mindfulness either in studio, or from the comfort of your home.


Make sure you have plenty of layers, blankets, supports, cushions - whatever you need to create your relaxation space, and then settle down to mark the end of your week or weekend, and welcome in rest ahead of the new week.

Our next monthly yoga nidras are at 6pm UK time on:

Sunday 7th April 2024 BST

Sunday 2nd June 2024 BST

Sunday 7th July 2024 BST

Monthly 6pm 1st Sunday of the month, online on the link above and in-person at Grace & Gravity, Crowmarsh Gifford

Monthly 7.30pm 1st Thursday of each month at The Little Yoga Studio, Twyford


I would love to welcome you there.  

Amanda, Oxon

"Meditation has never worked for me, but that was just amazing."

Kim, Berks

"I saw colours, purple shifting into blue, and slept so well that night. It was truly incredible."

John, Bucks

"I felt so calm, and could feel energy pulsing through my fingers and arms. I couldn't believe an hour had gone by."
Free meditation

Have a look at the meditation and nidra blogs - some include free recorded meditations, or more handy info to support you in your journey. 

If you are looking for a longer practise, this is a 35 minute yoga nidra in the Bihar style of yoga nidra. 

00:00 / 35:05

TRUE2U Nidra Hub

True2U is an evolving platform of yoga practices and resources.

Esther is proud to be part of the True2U Nidra and online yoga hub. You can find some of her nidra recordings over on the hub, along with a range of wonderful teachers. 

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