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Namaste Kids Yoga Class Handout Digital Download

Namaste Kids Yoga Class Handout Digital Download

Namaste Kids Yoga Class Handout Digital Download supports a Kids Yoga Class on the theme of Namaste/Light enabling young minds to explore the concepts of yoga philosophy in an accessible and fun way.



Copyright and Limited Use Commercial License

The limited use commercial license that comes with this download means that qualified and insured yoga teachers can print to share and use with children and clients.

By buying this download you are agreeing to the following terms:


The license means you - as an individual - can:

  • Print the downloads on paper or card at the size specified
  • Give the printouts as handouts to your clients, or use as teaching tools or posters for your business
  • You may use use a professional print service or print at home
  • Add the images to a Powerpoint presentation to use with clients in person or remotely, as long as the presentation file itself isn't shared digitally
  • Share the content using photos or videos of your printed materials on social media


The license DOES NOT allow you to:

  • Print the images for any other reason than above or on any other material e.g. on a notebook or mug to give away
  • Use the images as part of a product you will sell
  • Share the digital files with anyone by email or another methodAdd the digital files to your website or use on social media
  • Edit the images or remove my brand name
  • Share with other professionals in your organisation


Thank you for respecting the time that has gone into creating these resources. If you have any questions about the license agreement, please contact me.



These files are copyright of Esther Abrey of Esther Abrey Yoga and sole copyright is retained by them.

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